Computer Hearts (Bluray)

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Image of Computer Hearts (Bluray)

The bluray for Computer Hearts features the final "Vanessa2 Cut" of Computer Hearts as well as an array of insightful and strange special features, including:

*Director's Commentary with Dionne Copland and Turner Stewart
*42-minute Hentai Cop Cut
*19-minute SoulBruthuh Cut
*black-and-white version
*This Is Not A Computer: The Making of Computer Hearts (feature-length documentary)
*The Art of Vanessa2
*HTKP/Hide (fake trailers by Dionne Copland)
*Computer Hearts Trailers
*Pitch Video
*Last Words w/ Dionne Copland's magnificent lips

PLUS: This release includes our follow-up to Computer Hearts, "S.I.D.S." (featuring a performance by Ryan Nicholson)!

This LIMITED EDITION BLURAY is restricted to 75 numbered copies!